May showers and spring on the farm


It has been a beautiful spring on the farm so far.  We started lambing in February and everyone is now born and enjoying the spring grasses.

We also had a wonderful Easter this year - delicious lamb roast for the feast after our late service!  Something you especially look forwards to after a fast.  

I have been going to the Roanoke and Beckley Farm Markets this spring. They have been going well but we're almost out of lamb for this season.  A few roasts left and that is about it.  (If you want to stock up - now's the time!)  We should have a full selection of lamb again this fall.

My sister  and niece were able to come down to the farm for a visit last week.  It is always wonderful to have them visiting. We enjoyed spending time on the farm, a(another!) lamb roast, and some fun new movies.


We did have a bit of an adventure one night with Roy.  Over the last month or so, Roy has successfully completed a transition to being a house-farm dog which he enjoys very much.  He has his rug by the door and gets to hang out all day.

However, during the family visit, on a walk up the hill in the evening, it seems he found, and decided to play with, a skunky friend. Needless to say, Roy is spending some quality outside time for a few weeks even after many baths and anti-smell washes! 

Pre-skunk Roy hanging out with the family

Pre-skunk Roy hanging out with the family

I hope everyone has a wonderful spring. Will try to update again this summer. 

-All of us at Mountain Meadows Farm

Thanks to my niece Liz for taking some lovely photographs of the farm during their visit.