Hay Season At Mountain Meadows

Hello Everyone,

Its been a busy summer and we're just starting to get back into our regular schedule!   We've had a great summer with lots of family visiting, trips to see other family and fun activities.

We keep busy on the farm too this summer! This year we made hay (thanks to the abundance of spring rain!) in our large hayfield for the first time in almost 20 years!   Our reliable Massey Ferguson tractor did great.

John pulled out our old New Holland Baler and Vicon Acrobat side rake to make our own Mountain Meadows Farm grown square bales!  Not bad for 30 year old equipment!

Here are a few photos that our son Cal took of the Hay-making in early July: 

Close look at the Massey Ferguson and Vicon Acrobat rake

Getting ready for baling in the big hayfield, July 2014

John raking the mowed hay into rows for baling

In this one you can really see how the rake works to make even lines of grass for the baler to pick up

And then, here is the baler going along those rows of grass to produce nice local square bales! 

Getting close to the end of baling for 2014! New Holland baler still working great.

We have one or two more trips (have to take son Cal back up to college!), Liz starts teaching French at the local high school, and the WV State Fair is about to start http://statefairofwv.com/ so we will be semi-busy for the next little bit but keep an eye out for our first meat dates this year! We should be able to let you know when we'll have lamb available again here shortly!

Take care and happy August,

-Mountain Meadows Farm